Crown Rewards Membership Tiers

Crown Rewards offers five levels of Membership each with its own unique set of Benefits.

To unlock the benefits of each Tier, you need to earn the required number of Status Credits during the Membership Cycle to qualify.

As you progress through the Tiers you will uncover an array of additional Benefits for you to enjoy.

For further details on Tiers and Benefits, please refer to the Crown Rewards Brochure by clicking here

Member Tier

Silver Tier

10 Status Credits*

Gold Tier

35 Status Credits*

Platinum Tier

150 Status Credits*

Black Tier

By Invitation Only*

Membership Cycles

Your Crown Rewards Membership is reviewed every six months on 1 April and 1 October.

Your Membership Tier is based on the number of Status Credits earned in the six months prior to these dates.

During each Membership Cycle, as soon as you reach the requisite number of Status Credits for the next Tier, you are eligible to be upgraded.

For further details on Membership Cycles, please refer to the Crown Rewards Brochure by clicking here.
Terms & Conditions

The finer details.

* Minimum Status Credits required to attain and maintain Tier status. Status Credits must be earned within the six-month Membership Cycle. Members will be reallocated to the appropriate Tier if a Member does not meet the minimum entry level requirements of their current Tier level at the end of the Membership Cycle of six months.