As part of our commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable gambling experience for every guest, Crown PlaySafe provides information, assistance, and programs to encourage guests to gamble safely, and to prevent and minimize harm from gambling.

Play periods

12 Hour Daily & 48 Hour Weekly Visit Policies

Crown encourages all guests to take regular breaks from gambling, and we may check in with guests from time to time. One of these friendly conversations is just a simple way for our team to check in with our guests and promote safe and enjoyable gambling experiences.

Guests observed to be gambling continuously for three (3) hours on an Electronic Table Game or six (6) hours on a Table Game will be approached and encouraged to take a fifteen (15) minute break from gambling.

As part of our commitment to safer and enjoyable play, we must take all reasonable steps to not allow a guest to gamble on an Electronic Table Game or Table Game for: 

  • Twelve (12) or more hours of cumulative game play in any twenty-four (24) hour period.
  • Forty-eight (48) or more hours of cumulative game play in any seven (7) day period.

If your time gambling reaches these limits, you will be required to take the following breaks: 

  • Playing Twelve (12) or more hours in a day, we will require you to take a mandatory twenty four (24) hour break. 
  • Playing Forty eight (48) or more hours in any seven (7) day period, we will require you to take a mandatory seven (7) day break.

Player Activity Statements

Player Activity Statements provide information on your gaming play, and helps guests keep track of their wins and losses. Crown Rewards allows guests to access statements relating to play on request.

Regularly obtaining and reviewing your Player Activity Statement is a way to stay informed of your gaming.  

Statements can be accessed at: 

  • Crown Sydney Casino’s Reception Desks 
  • The Crown PlaySafe Centre

Pre-commitment Program 

The Pre-Commitment Program is designed to help guests keep track of time and money by setting limits on play. Pre-Commitment allows Crown Rewards Members to set voluntary money and/or time limits when playing Electronic Table Games (ETGs).  

Limit setting is available in two ways:

1. At Crown Sydney Casino’s Reception.
2. Speaking to a Crown PlaySafe Advisor, located at our Crown PlaySafe centre.