Self exclusion program at Crown

When you need a break from gambling, one of the biggest barriers can be self-control. One method to hold yourself accountable for stopping play completely is by opting into Crown’s Self Exclusion program.

Individuals can sign a voluntary agreement to prohibit themselves from entering or remaining in the gambling areas at Crown Sydney, Crown Perth and Crown Melbourne. There is also an added option of self-excluding from The Star Sydney. A Self Exclusion is for a minimum period of 12 months, with longer options available. These options can be discussed with a Responsible Gaming Advisor. 

Download the Responsible Gaming brochure here

Why Self Exclusion?
Customers may seek to Self Exclude from the casino for a number of reasons including (but not limited to):

  • Creating an opportunity to stop or control their gambling
  • To take a break from gambling therefore preventing the risk of increased financial loss and other associated problems
  • To take a break from gambling to focus on other aspects of life such as family, work or study
  • To support a family member or friend who may be experiencing problems with their gambling

How to exclude yourself
If you have decided that you wish to exclude yourself from entering the casino, you may:

When at Crown:

  • Visit the Crown Sydney Responsible Gaming Centre
  • Approach the VIP Casino Reception Desk and ask them to contact the Responsible Gaming Team

When not at Crown:

  • Contact the Responsible Gaming Team on 1800 801 098 or email or download the Self Exclusion form and visit the Responsible Gaming Centre on level 2 within Crown Sydney

Download the Application for Self Exclusion - Application Form here

For other Self Exclusion Programs:

  • For information about the Betfair Self Exclusion Program, call Betfair directly on 1800 238 324
  • For further information about The Star Sydney’s Self Exclusion Program, contact the Responsible Gaming Department or the Gaming Manager on duty on (02) 9777 9000
  • For information about Self Exclusion Programs for Hotels and Clubs in NSW, speak to their venue staff or contact GameCare or ClubSafe

For more information on making change click on the following link:

Revoking (ending) an Exclusion

Crown will maintain the Exclusion until it is revoked in writing by Crown. An application to revoke an Exclusion may be made after 12 months of a breach free exclusion period has passed and by submitting an Application for Revocation of Exclusion. Applicants are required to successfully complete the revocation process before being permitted to return to the casino. The steps to revocation include:

  • Contact the Responsible Gaming Team on 1800 801 098 or download the Application for Revocation of Exclusion here
  • Engage with an external counsellor to support your control of your gambling behaviours and acquire a counselling report (details of requirements are set out in the Application for Revocation of Exclusion)
  • Submit a completed Application for Revocation of Exclusion including counselling report by email to or by post to Crown Sydney Responsible Gaming 1 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo, Sydney 2000
  • Attend a meeting with the Responsible Gaming Team, which will be arranged once your application is received
  • If revocation is successful, a Gaming Resumption Information Program is conducted
  • Once revocation has been confirmed to you in writing by Crown Sydney you may re-apply for membership to the Crown Sydney VIP Casino if you wish to do so

Approval of an application is at Crown’s sole discretion. Crown will need to be satisfied that the person seeking revocation has appropriately addressed the issues that led to an Exclusion. To confirm eligibility to apply for revocation and to obtain a referral to GambleAware for free revocation counselling please contact the Responsible Gaming Team on 1800 801 098 or email

Download an Application for Revocation of an Exclusion here

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